Duck Room September 2019

Welcome back everyone!

Past few weeks of school have been extremely busy and exciting for all of us. We’ve been learning names, rules and routines, and getting to know each other. For those of you who are not familiar with our morning routine, here’s a glimpse of how our morning session.

8:25- Welcome friends, gross motor activities such as hopscotch, trampoline, balance beam, ring toss, etc.

8:45- Group time, also called as line time includes music & movement, lessons and presentation, silence activity, etc.

9:00- Work cycle begins. At this time, children work independently with Montessori materials in the practical life, math, language, sensorimotor, geography and other areas of the classroom. Preparing snack and enjoying it with a friend at the snack table is an important part of the work cycle.

10:30- Clean up, line time, preparation for recess.

11:00- Recess. Children go outside and they enjoy teacher monitored playground time. At this time they are engaged in mostly gross motor activities.

11:20- children enrolled in the morning program are dismissed at this time.

We’ve been practicing grace and courtesy lessons during group time and work cycle. Choosing works independently, taking care of ourselves and of the environment, using polite words and gentle hands, are some of the things we will continue to practice throughout the year.  In September, we will also focus on apple life cycle, apple songs and books, and apple crafts.  We plan to visit the pumpkin patch later this month and bring back individual pumpkins as well as a class pumpkin. More information will be sent out in our weekly newsletter.

We hope to have an awesome school year!!

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