Horse Class Notes – September 2019

Welcome to the Horse Room. My name is Julie Warren and I am your child’s morning teacher. I have been at MSCU for over 30 years and am looking forward to a wonderful year with your children. Kerry Rossow is also returning to the Horse Room with us.  You will see her smiling face when you drop off your child in the drive up. She will be in the Horse Room each day until noon.

Every day we will place a gem into a jar as we begin counting each day of school. We will have a celebration on the 100th day of school. We also count the boys and girls each day and add to see how many friends we have altogether and see if anyone is missing.  Please have your child in the classroom before the door closes at 8:45.  Arriving on time helps the children begin the day with confidence.  When the light goes out in the hall, you are welcome to observe through the viewing window.

You will see many of our first year students spending time in the “Practical Life” area of the classroom.  The children are often drawn to this area because of the water and small glass items. They have seen adults using similar items. This area is thought of as a bridge between the world of the child and the world of the adult.  Here the child learns to choose a work, complete a work, and return the work to its proper place.  This increases their sense of confidence, independence, and organization.  Most of the activities are self-correcting and through concentration and repetition the child is able to complete the tasks on his/her own.  Also in this area the child is refining the small motor skills needed to do more complex works in the classroom such as multiplication beads, handwriting, and reading!

Thank you to those of you who have been saying goodbye to your child at the front door.  This shows your child that you are confident in him/her and you are comfortable with the school and teachers. This is such a positive way to start the day!  If you are signed up for early arrival, please take your child all the way to the butterfly room.  If you have time, you can drop the backpack in the horse room first.

Reminder: We have some children at our school with severe nut allergies.  We would like our school to remain “nut-free”, so please refrain from sending any food in your child’s backpack.  Many packaged snacks can be processed near peanuts.  Thank you for understanding.  Also remember that your child has access to a water fountain, sink, and paper cups.  Please do not send water bottles with your child.  It is often hard to keep them from spilling or sharing.   If you have not already done this, please be sure to send in a change of clothes for us to keep in the classroom.  Your child may want to put a sweater or sweatshirt in his/her backpack .

We will post a monthly note from our classroom on our website.  Be sure to check out for notes the first of each month.   Below is a schedule of our morning time.  Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.

Looking forward to another great year at MSCU!




7:30 -8:25 Early drop off.  Children who are signed up for early drop-off should be taken to the Bird room.


8:25 -8:40 You can use the drive up to drop off your child.  Children gather in their morning class to socialize, check on pets, and participate in various movement games.


8:45 – 9:00 Group time begins. You may wish to observe from the viewing window at this time. We will be moving the calendar, adding a gem, counting friends, and gathering for story time.


9:00 – 10:30 Individual work time


10:30 – 11:00   Clean up classroom; gather for group time with movement games, songs, and a story.


11:00 – 11:40 Outdoor play time

(Half-day friends prepare to go home at 11:25)


11:40 Children go to their afternoon classroom


12:00 – 12:30 Lunch in our afternoon classrooms.

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