Kitty Room September 2019

Extended day time in the Kitty Room provides children with an opportunity to advance their studies of the Montessori materials as well as to experience additional enrichment activities.  The children will have an American Sign Language lesson, as well as a yoga class, once a week.  Each week will highlight a letter of the alphabet presented through phonetic/multisensory lessons and reinforced with an art project and cooking/food prep activity.  For example, the first week of class featured “A” with Montessori materials, phonics games, apple ink stamping art and eating apple slices dusted with different spices.  The children will hear our featured chapter book daily followed by listening comprehension skills activities.  Literacy skills are nurtured in this manner along with opportunities to retell stories with props and to act out favorite books.



Ms. Holland


Extended Day Routine in the Kitty Room

Coming in from the playground.  Drinks of water, if needed. Relaxing time on the line while listening to our chapter book. Greeting and attendance.  Washing hands before lunch.  Assigning classroom jobs.

Children set the tables/pass out milk and lunch is served.

Children assist with lunch clean up (table wiping, floor sweeping) or look at books.

Special daily activity: American Sign Language, Yoga, Literacy Skills Focus, Art, Food Prep

Montessori work time.

Group time with singing and gross motor movement.

Gathering backpacks, saying goodbye….

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