Toddler September 2019

Welcome to Montessori!  For those who are just starting with us, the toddler team will try to put out a “Montessori Moment” weekly to help you understand the journey your child is undertaking in a Montessori toddler environment.  Enjoy!



Current research confirms the importance of learning in the first three years of life.  How and what children learn affects them throughout their lifetime.  In a Montessori toddler class, they should learn, among many other things:


-that they are loved, respected and safe

-that everyone has needs, wants and feelings

-that they can communicate their needs and wants and trust that they will receive a positive response

-that they are competent learners

-that they respect one another and the works in the environment

-to concentrate and focus on their exploration, activities and interests

-to care for their physical needs, i.e., undressing, dressing, toileting, washing their hands and wiping their nose as well as learning to eat correctly

-to develop verbal language

-that everything has a name

-to develop their physical coordination

-to learn how things work

-to behave in culturally appropriate ways

-to identify the special kind of person they are becoming

-independent exploration

-learning through senses

-learning through movement

-developing skills which assist in their quest for independence

-develop good work habits

-develop relationship with peers

-learning to care and respect for their surroundings and the people within it



The Toddler Team

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