Elementary has two three year programs. Lower Elementary includes grades 1-3 and Upper Elementary includes grades 4 – 6.

Elementary: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm ($9,750 per year)
Elementary is composed of Lower Elementary (grades 1 to 3) and Upper Elementary (grades 4 to 6) in a mixed age classroom. Students have personalized individual work plans that allows each of them to flourish and succeed at their own pace. Students who work at or above grade level will be relieved to know the classroom encourages deep dives into areas of interest. Reading is integrated into the curriculum along with creative writing and research skills. Poetry, folk tales, non-fiction, and classic literature along with word study and grammar principles are integrated into the student’s personalized lesson plan. Montessori math materials and curriculum move the students through an abstraction of math concepts including problem solving, fractions, graphing, measurement, long division and algebraic equations. Life and physical sciences are a part of the overall curriculum in addition to cultural studies. Spanish, music and art are integrated into the curriculum and are a core component of our whole child education.