MSCU is excited to announce that we are partnering with Blue Dragonfly Catering, a locally owned company that offers locally-sourced, made-from-scratch lunches, for our Elementary program lunches!

Chef Leah Bodine prides herself on providing an exceptional food experience for students. She believes that “Children won’t appreciate food until they experience a good meal.” Her cooking style is farm to table and she is always on the look out for the freshest ingredients. Chef Leah works within most dietary restrictions and prefers organic and scratch made food. If she can make it from scratch, she will. If she has to buy it, Chef Leah looks for organic and all natural ingredients. Working with local farmers, such as Sola Gratia Farm, Chef Leah prefers to source locally for all fruits, vegetables, meats and local bakeries for breads. The following are some of the high standards she brings to our lunch meals:

– All breads, pastas etc will either be whole grain or high quality breads that contain no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and unbleached flours

– All fruit is hand cut or hand picked seasonal fruit

– All veggie options are soy based

– Any item possible is homemade i.e. soups, chili etc

– Whenever possible organic ingredients/items will be used i.e fruits, vegetables, beans, meats

– All menus are low-sodium but seasoned for taste

– Packaged condiments will be provided when necessary i.e ketchup, mustard, mayo, salad dressings in individual cups or single serve packages of quality

The spring semester fee totals $374. Missed days will not be refunded. Please make checks out to MSCU and mail to the office at: MSCU – Business Manager, 1403 Regency Drive East, Savoy, IL 61874 or pay online through your SchoolCues account.

Please fill out the form once for each child you are registering.

Elementary Lunch Registration

Spring 2021
  • Select the one diet which BEST meets your child's cultural, religious, and dietary needs. Please note that we do NOT serve pork.