Donate to Help MSCU Today!

The Montessori School of Champaign-Urbana needs support to continue its nearly 60 year mission to educate the children in our community.

Long range planning and expansion, teacher development, technology enhancement, and other programs require resources beyond our general operational expenses. If you or someone in your life has benefited from the work we do at the Montessori School of Champaign-Urbana, please help us continue our efforts by making a tax-deductible gift. If you would like to make your gift in honor or in memory of a special person—such as a former teacher or student—please provide that information in the memo line of  your check. We will send the person(s) specified a note, telling them of your kind gesture; however, the amount of your gift will not be shared. 

The Montessori School of Champaign-Urbana is a non-profit and donations are tax-deductible. We request that donations be made by check to the school as this avoids credit/debit card service fees being taken out of your generous gift. Please make your check payable to MSCU, and mail it to:

Montessori School of Champaign-Urbana
1403 Regency Drive East
Savoy, IL 61874

All donations are appreciated! We are thankful for your commitment in keeping the Montessori School of Champaign-Urbana a strong part of our local community.


Be a part of #MSCUtogether, our 2020-2021 initiative to celebrate the students, families, teachers, and staff who make up our very special MSCU Community. The MSCU Together Campaign is meant to honor and support our entire school community, but especially our children and teachers as they have continued to thrive despite the disruptions and challenges they have faced.

Learn More About How You Can Support #MSCUtogether!



From now on, when you shop, if you begin here, Amazon will donate .5% of your total purchase amount to MSCU. It’s the same Amazon, the same products, the same prices–but the school gets a little something back. Thank you for using this page. Your friends and family are welcome to use it too!


No amount is too small! Each donation makes a huge difference in the services, materials, and facilities we are able to offer our children and families. Please make checks payable to “MSCU”. Checks are preferred as we do not have to pay service fees as we do on online donations. Donations are tax-deductible. We are also taking donations of material supplies, such as the following:

  • – Hand sanitizer
  • – Disposable sanitizing wipes
  • – Hand soap
  • – Boxes of disposable vinyl gloves
  • – Laptops, tablets, or other tech equipment
  • – Books in very good to excellent condition, appropriate for Pre-K through 7th grade readers


You must have a Target credit (RED) card in order to have your purchases count toward the school. If you already shop with one, click here to register your card. Our School ID is 6386 . We have three people signed up and their purchases have already contributed around $120, (Check current totals) so we can easily add to this.

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