Re-Enrolling for Next Year is Easy!

You will automatically receive two emails in January:

  • Re-Enrollment Details Review
  • Enrollment Contract for 2024-25

Please review the details of your child's enrollment for next year carefully when you receive each email to ensure all looks correct to you. We have each child continuing in the program they are currently signed up for (or the equivalent program if the child is transitioning between program levels).

If you need to make any corrections to your child's program, please click the green "Request a Change to My Child's Program" button in your "Re-Enrollment Details Review" email to fill out the request form. This request form will be specific to each child so if you have multiple children enrolled, please use the link provided in the email that was sent specifically for that child. Please allow us 1-2 business days to process your request and send you a new contract if needed.

Getting your change request in by Feb 1 allows us to get your contract adjusted with enough time for you to sign by the Feb 1 deadline so that your spot remains guaranteed for the upcoming school year!

* Automatic contract issuance assumes there are no holds on a student's registration. If there is a hold on a student's registration for academic, behavioral, financial, or other reason, a contract for the upcoming school year will not be issued until the School has had an opportunity to resolve the concern to the School's satisfaction with the family.

2. When you receive your contract, please review it carefully to ensure you have been re-enrolled for the program you desire for your child/children.

If all looks correct, please sign the contract and submit it. You will get a receipt once all parties have signed and the contract has been confirmed.

Signing and submitting contracts will be done electronically through Formstack. If you need a hard copy of the contract to sign, please reach out to Lillian at and we would be happy to get one to you!

3. Please sign your family’s contract(s) by Feb 4 and pay the enrollment fee by Feb 4 to keep your guaranteed spot for next year.

All parties listed on the contract must sign by Feb 4 and the enrollment fee must be paid in order to retain your guaranteed spot for next school year. After your contract has been fully signed, you will receive an invoice for the enrollment fees that will allow you to pay electronically if you so wish. If you wish to pay ahead of receiving the invoice to ensure payment is recei

After Feb 4, any spots that have not been confirmed with a fully signed contract and fully paid enrollment fee will be released as open spots for any family interested in enrolling.

NOTE: Enrollment fees are non-refundable; please be sure you wish to re-enroll before paying the fee.