<strong>The Re-Enrollment Process is Easy!</strong>


1. Submit an online Re-Enrollment Registration Form at the link below:

If your child is accepted for re-enrollment, you will receive an official acceptance letter via email. Please be aware that while we hope to re-enroll all of our current students, space constraints may require some to be on the waiting list for certain programs.


2. Submit the annual Enrollment Fee AFTER you receive an acceptance letter.

The fee will post to your SchoolCues account on the same day you receive an acceptance letter. Please pay via check/cash/money order to the MSCU office. Please WAIT until you receive an official acceptance letter to pay the enrollment fee. Enrollment fee amounts are listed below. 


3. Sign and return your tuition agreement by the required deadline.

Your tuition agreement will be sent to you via email, along with information about other documentation you may need to submit and deadlines, after you receive an official acceptance letter.

* MSCU reserves the right to offer the spot to other applicants, if the enrollment fee is not paid and the tuition agreement has not been signed by the deadlines stated in your acceptance letter.

Tuition & Rates (2021-2022)

Rates below assume a 10-month school year commitment, with tuition due monthly. If a family enrolls after the first day of school, the amount is prorated based on a daily rate calculated as the annual cost divided by 176 days.

Program8:30AM-2:30PM8:30AM-3:00PM8:30AM-5:30PM (availability dependent on staffing and demand)
Montessori Toddler$10,250/yearN/A$12,450/year
Montessori Primary (Preschool)$8,800/yearN/A$10,900/year
Montessori Primary (Kindergarten)$9,650/yearN/A$11,750/year
Montessori Elementary (Grades 1-6)N/A$10,250/year$12,350/year
Montessori Secondary (Grades 7-8)N/A$10,250/year$12,350/year

Fees & Discounts

$400 Annual Enrollment Fee
(covers materials, activities, equipment, safety measures, and other logistical costs)
($300/each for any siblings concurrently enrolled in the same school year)

Sibling Discount:
1 child enrolled = Regular tuition rate
2 children enrolled = Regular tuition rate on highest tuition, 10% off on the other tuition rate
3+ children = Regular tuition rate on highest tuition, 10% off next highest tuition rate, 15% off all other tuitions


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