Montessori School is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to early childhood education and beyond. Maintaining and enhancing your child’s educational environment depends on you as parents. Your time and skills are needed in many areas.

Listed below are some ways in which you can help today!

Ask Your Directress

There is always more work to be done than your child’s directress can possibly get to in a day. Offer to see what they might could use help with! They might need help sewing, cutting paper, newsletter assistance… sky is the limit!

Cut Inset Paper

Stop by the office, we’re happy to get you started! You can take home this project home or do here at school.

Make Playdough

Feel free to put finished playdough in ziplock baggies and bring by the office.  All colors are used.
To volunteer, please stop by the front office and we’ll be happy to get you started!