Wondering What to Bring and Do for the First Day of School?

(All Students) Please bring:

  •  Minimum of five (5) clean face masks, in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name. Your child should arrive at school each day in a clean mask. Please wash any masks sent home according to CDC guidelines. We do NOT accept masks that have valves.
  • One (1) full change of clothes (Top, bottom, underwear, socks), in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name. Please label each individual garment with your child’s name as well. Elementary/Secondary students may keep their clothing in their own backpacks; Toddler/Primary extra clothes will be kept in the classroom.
  • TODDLER/ELEMENTARY/SECONDARY ONLY: One (1) pair of clean indoor shoes, labeled with your child’s name, to be kept at school. Indoor shoes should be closed toe, have good traction, and have a back heel.
  • Any additional items that may have been requested by your child’s teacher. (See below for the Lower Elementary Supply List)

Lower Elementary Supply List

In addition to the items listed above, please send your Lower Elementary (Years 1-3) child to school with:
4 #2 pencils, sharpened
1 set of colored pencils 
2 rubber erasers
1 glue stick
1 pair child size scissors 
1 small hand held pencil sharpener 
1 pencil box or pouch that can contain all of the items listed above
1 water bottle, labeled with name
A daily morning snack. The elementary program does not provide snacks in the morning.  Please send a healthy snack in a zero waste container labeled with your child’s name. The following items are not permitted: peanut/tree nut/seafood products, chips, cookies, candy, junk food and other overly sugary items. This is the fuel for the students’ minds and bodies during their morning work period.
A daily healthy lunch that is peanut, tree nut, and seafood-free. (Disregard if you have signed up for catered lunch)

Other Important Notes

Please remember to:

  • Put sunscreen on your child in the morning before s/he arrives at school each day. If you would like it reapplied in the afternoon, please teach your child to apply it independently and send a bottle of sunscreen labeled with their name in their backpack, as staff are not able to reapply sunscreen on your child in the afternoons.
  • Drop off and pickup within your appointed car line time window and give a brief hug goodbye to your children in the mornings. This conveys confidence that they are going to have a wonderful day at school!
  • Wear a mask and observe social distancing at all times when on campus.
  • Observe all aspects of our Parent Handbook and COVID-19 Action Plan & Pandemic Policy.
  • Check out our “Montessori News” Back to School Tips video, below!


Thank you – it’s going to be a great school year!