Back to School Basics

Drop off and pick up within your appointed car line time window and give a brief, cheerful hug goodbye to your children in the mornings. This conveys confidence that they are going to have a wonderful day at school!

Keep an eye on the weather each day and dress children accordingly. Classes will often go outside even if raining or snowing, as long as weather conditions are not dangerous, and individual children may not remain inside while the rest of the class is outside.

Put sunscreen on your child in the morning before arrival at school each day. If you would like it reapplied in the afternoon, please teach your child to apply it independently and send a bottle of sunscreen labeled with their name in their backpack, as staff are not able to reapply sunscreen on your child in the afternoons.

Wear a mask and observe social distancing at all times when on campus, whether vaccinated or not.

Observe all aspects of our Parent Handbook and COVID-19 Action Plan & Pandemic Policy.

What Should Your Child Bring on the First Day?